Crypto mining reddit

crypto mining reddit crypto mining reddit

So who has dabled in mining and is the danger and preliminary outlay worth the returns?

It does require a piece of research, but the first-rate element is you can begin small with whatever hardware you currently have and attempt it with out a great deal threat.

I presently use Nicehash, which doesn't absolutely mine crypto immediately, however as a substitute lends your processing strength to other customers to mine with. A lot less hassel of looking into unique cash well worth mining and smooth to set up, however you do have a smaller earnings margin. I had my older snap shots card laying around that I wasn't the usage of, so I started out getting a few more pocket money out of that. My gtx970 gets me around 1 euro/24h and my newer gtx1080 receives me approximately 2.5 euro/24h.

The founding father of Nicehash looks like a pleasant man:

” NiceHash's founder Matjaž Škorjanc is a author of malware Mariposa botnet, which inflamed over 1 million computers with Butterfly (mariposa in Spanish) Bot. The purpose of Butterfly Bot was to install itself on an uninfected PC, tracking pastime for passwords, bank credentials and credit playing cards. Slovenian police arrested Matjaž on expenses of distributing the malware in 2010. Matjaž become found guilty and served 4 years and ten months in a Slovenian jail. On June 5, 2019, US regulation enforcement opened a case inside the operations of the choices Mariposa (Butterfly Bot, BFBOT) malware gang.[13] The FBI has moved forward with new expenses and arrest warrants against 4 suspects, consisting of Matjaž Škorjanc “

I simplest have my PC walking around 10 hours an afternoon, however I've been mining on Nice Hash, each CPU and GPU mining, and I've simplest made round £10 to this point. It's been about 1.5 weeks, and I've been mining each day.

I even have a RTX 2070 Super, and an AMD Ryzen 3800X. Am I doing some thing incorrect? My performance is round 0.30MH/J.

Right now, now not certainly until you already have device for it. Buying new hardware is manner too luxurious. There’s a large rush on mining right now and everything that may be a worthwhile purchase is either manner too luxurious or out of stock. Plus with some adjustments that are coming a number of people are announcing that mining is going to be dead. I don’t always believe that, however matters are going to be different and less worthwhile. In the following 6-12 months there’ll be plenty of gpu for sale on eBay from people who are becoming in to it now.

You pays off a 3090 in approximately 5 months mining ETH on it rn

everything that is a worthwhile purchase is either way too costly or out of stock.

I began in February with an old 1070ti-FTW and were making approximately $one hundred/m after power prices (6.8 cents/kWh where I stay), so I'd say it's worthwhile…so long as you don't thoughts a bit of more warmness (it's awesome in my man-cave considering the fact that I haven't needed the warmers on because I began, so I wager you could say I keep a bit of cash there as well).

What I will say from my personal revel in searching out video card improvements is it's NOT worthwhile buying a new card just to mine UNLESS you're lucky enough to discover one for a semi-reasonable retail charge…which has been next to impossible considering that final Fall.

Mining is ideal for passive income depending of a few factors; how an awful lot is your power, do you’ve got the gadget for it, and do you’ve got enough for renovation.

Keep in thoughts that mining calls for you to download a few softwares that could make your tool (like gaming PC or private pc) less complicated to goal or hack. However, when you have an amazing tool thats just laying there, has a sturdy enough gpu that may pay for your strength fees and alternative of device, then mining is exceptional.

I presently make about 2 greenbacks a day or on estimate 60 a month in crypto. I use CudoMiner for the reason that its a less difficult software program to use (however the rate is at 6% and can eat up earnings so maintain that during thoughts).

Heres a few hyperlinks you could to see if mining might be worth it to your case:

Mining Chimp: helps you to check the hashrate of your gpu.

Mining Profitability Calculator: Check your profitability based totally on equipment costs, electricity bills, and pool fees.

CudoMiner: Easy software program to start mining. Pretty straight forward setup and their website walks you thru the choices entire installation.

what is your setup?

I actually have an HP Omen 15ti laptop, could that be really worth the use of to mine or wouldn’t it trash the laptop being a laptop?

I these days constructed a finances rig for about £750, all second hand components apart from mobo.

These are the choices monthly income for me on ETC proper now:

This involved more often than not orders from China as properly, could fee more if USA, EU or UK.

You want to recognize exactly what you’re doing, and which cards paintings satisfactory on which cash to tug off a price range rig like this for alt cash. You also want to get a good buy on playing cards, which is nearly impossible within the current weather. Other than a finances rig like that, if you want to make greater quicker you could get a few 30xx playing cards to mine ETH, however be conscious ETH mining is coming to an stop soon and these 30xx cards might be steeply-priced overkill for the next maximum worthwhile coins.

It's also nearly not possible to get 30xx collection cards at RRP proper now.

I do have playing cards mining ETH as properly, but plan to sell them as quickly as ETH mining ends and I will purchase masses of inexpensive cards which can be more suitable for ETC and similar coins that don't require a lot reminiscence within the GPU.. return on investment is lots faster then.

All of this calls for a lot of studies, you also want to be able constructing PCs.

What company do you operate for your energy?

When I used one of the websites to calculate income, it basically wasn't really worth it.

I presently have a 3070 FE

how an awful lot is that in USD according to month. Sorry comlete dumb in crypto.

when you have an excellent gaming laptop the choices returns can be really worth it for a small little bit of passive profits that is possibly to grow in price inside the future. I'm the usage of an RTX 3070 that I was capable of seize right after they came out and get about $a hundred forty five a month after electric powered fees using nicehash, which may be very user friendly.

HNT Helium’s miners?

Is there a site to reveal what components to buy or a pre-made miner to just hook up and permit run?