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What Does Confirmation Mean?

In technical evaluation, confirmation refers to the usage of an additional indicator or signs to substantiate a fashion cautioned through one indicator. Since technical indicators are not ideal predictors of destiny charge actions, a dealer regularly feels more secure determining to act on a signal if multiple indicator is sending the choices same signal. If one of a kind signs send conflicting indicators, that is called divergence.

In securities trading, a affirmation might also check with a fill, providing the choices information of an carried out alternate.

Understanding Confirmation in Technical Analysis

Confirmation also can talk over with a broking’s written acknowledgment that they have completed a change. These may be in electronic or paper form, and document records which include the date, rate, commission, costs, and settlement phrases of the choices change. Brokers commonly send a confirmation within one week of the choices change’s of entirety.

Technical signs fall into 4 wide categories: trend, momentum, volatility, and extent. When seeking affirmation for a trade sign supplied with the aid of one indicator, it is also pleasant to look to a hallmark from a extraordinary class. Otherwise, the choices equal or comparable inputs are counted multiple instances, giving the phantasm of confirmation whilst in reality little new records has been taken into account. 

Confirmation is best met if one or extra indicators from multiple categories are gift:

Confirmation Example Using Indicators

Suppose a trader notices a golden go, which occurs when the 50-day moving average crosses above the 200-day moving common. This is a signal to shop for the inventory, primarily based on a trend indicator (the choices shifting averages). Because this sign by myself does now not assure higher costs, the choices trader may seek confirmation from a exceptional type of indicator.

In this situation, a excessive buying and selling volume would strengthen the purchase sign, whilst decrease volumes might make the choices dealer reconsider taking a role inside the inventory. The OBV indicator would, consequently, be a logical desire to confirm the change: a rising OBV might verify the golden pass’ bullish sign, while a flat or falling OBV might propose that the charge is nearing a pinnacle.