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Magnum options offers 5 one of a kind account sorts for every form of dealer from the choices Mini account for those who’ve never traded before to the Platinum account for the choices superior trader. Each account has its very own unique features and bonus shape. Magnum options are offering a one hundred% bonus for deposits of $1000 or greater (Executive Account) and offer plenty of monetary tools to help you make profitable positions. Check out the Magnum Options eBook. Choose among their Mini, Standard, Executive, Gold and Platinum Accounts. Minimum deposit is $200.

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As constantly, registering an account is quite simple, and most effective calls for minimal information. Once entered, you can browse the internet site like a regular trader, consisting of seeing many functions not seen for non-registered visitors. However, you will glaringly need to put in a deposit so that it will truely begin buying and selling.

Platform Features & Markets Offered

Magnum Options uses a completely person pleasant buying and selling platform. However they’ve achieved quite a few paintings to customize it and make it appearance specific. The format surely is straightforward on the choices eyes and has an awesome sense to it.

The Magnum Options consumer interface is currently to be had in three distinctive languages: English, Italian and German.

The preliminary trading page consists of 5 one of a kind systems, which we’ll cross into later within the overview. The important web page has simplest one graph in it, with a scrollable asset list on the choices left. You will most effective be able to see currently stay and tradable belongings in this list. Any asset to which the market is currently closed clearly received’t appear on that listing. You can always visit the full asset listing for a complete list and to see while a certain asset could be available for trading. Regular binary options’ buying and selling is called CALL/PUT at Magnum Options. The most important display screen offers you pretty much all of the information you want to make a trading choice and the whole thing is smartly laid out. The graph is going back barely a couple of hour and one-of-a-kind expiration times can be chosen.

In order to put in a change, you sincerely click the decision or placed buttons, and select how tons you want to invest. The payout quotes are extraordinarily competitive and vary relying on the asset. However, Magnum options do have a safety charge on lots of their assets. This protection rate is largely a rebate that the dealer gets if the choice lands out of the cash.

In addition to providing the expiry fee of the choices options you have got bought, Magnum Options gives a complete list of expiry dates for all options which have lately expired, irrespective of whether or not or no longer you have purchased these options. This is crucial to setting up trust among customers, as a broking who provides a complete list of expiry rates to the general dealer network has a much more difficult time manipulating expiry fees consistent with specific trader. This is something that many traders regularly accuse brokers of doing if they’re now not glad with the results.

As for the choices unique functions, Magnum Options offers you some very useful features.

Onetouch is a pleasant buying and selling device. This tool permits you to put in orders for the duration of the choices weekends as well.The binary options needs handiest to reach (or touch) the strike fee as soon as for the duration of the week following the purchase for the choice. Once this occurs, the choice immediately will become in the money and could expire profitable. The earnings percentage depends on how some distance the strike price is from the security at the choices time of buy, so the income may be HUGE!

Options Builder is honestly certainly one of my favourite buying and selling gear. This device offers you a number of freedom in deciding on what binary options you’d want to trade. You can choose which asset you’d like, precisely what time the choice will expire, and what your payout will be (!). Yes, you could pick out what the choices ratio is between the choices ITM payout and the choices OTM rebate. This is super, as this allows the trader to perform a lot extra trades and examine the ropes with a whole lot much less hazard of struggling a huge loss. This device is likewise excellent if a dealer opts in for an advantage upon signing and wishes to generate a certain amount of trading traffic before the bonus liquidates into actual finances.

The Open Platform is the open or superior buying and selling platform. The main benefit of this platform is that you can sell again your option earlier than expiration. This is first-rate for danger management and for locking to your profits if you’re now not certain your inventory will finish ITM.

Magnum Options additionally provide the choices 60 2d speed buying and selling feature. This feature is extremely famous with many traders because it offers you an adrenalin rush! For folks who want to offer it a shot, there’s now not a great deal to lose since the minimal exchange quantity for the 60-2nd alternative is an excellent $five.

A 60 second exchange at Magnum Options

Is Magnum Options a Scam?

Magnum Options is owned through Prestige Holdings and is placed inside the British Virgin Islands. They make use of the popular SpotOption platform for user-friendliness and easy integration. Some of the choices most attractive functions of Magnum Options encompass a ten% go back back even if your alternative has expired. Magnum Options is one of the leading brokerages with superior capabilities and first rate buying and selling gear to make binary options trading a breeze. In addition to this, they provide present day charge gateways to traders, which can be at par with the main brokerages, to guard all their transactions on their platform.

Magnum Options is truly one of the top binary options brokers currently walking. This manner that you could relaxation confident that your money is secure. Offering a demo account is likewise a huge plus, as many investors like to get a experience earlier than going and spending real cash Magnum Options have definitely gone all-in with their platform, and offer a number of the most useful trading gear out of any of the brokers around.