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VanEck is a international investment manager with workplaces around the arena. To assist you discover content this is suitable on your investment desires, please select your united states of america and investor type.

“One length suits all” is by no means the choices case with regards to making an investment. Learn how every investment product is designed to clear up for a exclusive purpose within your portfolio.

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In addition to the choices liquidity, transparency and efficiency that constant earnings ETFs can provide, NAIC-distinct bond ETFs have extra blessings to coverage groups. They can be classified as a “lengthy-term bond company responsibility” on Schedule D, allows extra favorable danger-primarily based capital treatment with the choices introduced ability to adopt “systematic value” accounting, mitigating potential stability sheet volatility.

VanEck Vectors ETF Trust, VanEck Funds, and VanEck VIP Trust each report various regulatory reviews with the choices U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) for the duration of the choices yr such as annual and semiannual monetary reviews (Form N-CSR), and proxy vote casting facts (Form N-PX). You can get right of entry to those filings on the choices SEC website.

Through ahead-searching, intelligently designed energetic and ETF answers, we provide price-delivered exposures to emerging industries, asset lessons and markets as well as differentiated approaches to traditional strategies.

At VanEck, our lengthy-tenured executive control team determines the choices organisation’s strategic route and oversees every day operations for our U.S. ETF and fund businesses. The management group fosters a collaborative subculture and ensures dedication to our mission of empowering Investors thru forward-searching, intelligently designed funding solutions.

VanEck’s funding teams provide energetic and passive techniques with compelling exposures supported by using well-designed funding processes. The corporation’s capabilities range from middle investment possibilities to more specialised exposures to decorate portfolio diversificaiton.

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Municipal Bonds

MAAX Reacts to Inflation Fears

High Yield Munis Benefit from Anticipated Fiscal Support

Democratic Control of Senate Creates a Tailwind for Muni Bonds

Strong Demand, Not Enough Supply Continues to Drive Munis

VanEck Vectors® Muni Allocation ETF (MAAX) seeks maximum lengthy-time period after-tax go back including capital appreciation and income commonly exempt from federal profits tax. In pursuing long-term general return, the Fund seeks to reduce length and/or credit threat in the course of appropriate instances by using allocating normally to VanEck Vectors municipal exchange-traded merchandise that spend money on tax-exempt bonds.


Net Expense Ratio/TER2

How and wherein an investor need to move so as to shop for or promote a VanEck ETF is a generally requested question.

VanEck ETFs can be bought and sold the equal manner you’ll buy or sell a stock—through a broking or with the choices guidance of your marketing consultant.

VanEck ETFs are to be had for purchase and sale thru most self-directed agents. Opening a web self-directed brokerage account provides traders with:

Key Points

Taxable Equivalent 30-Day SEC Yields1a

Fees & Expenses2

Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses

Fee Waivers andExpense Reimbursement

Net Expense Ratio/TER2

Trading Information

Index Total Return Ticker

Fundamentals3 as of 08/06/21

Duration to Worst (yrs)

Investment Professionals

*Returns less than twelve months are not annualized.

Effective August 1, 2020, the implementation of the choices method has evolved to reflect new allocations that are based totally on diversification concerns. Enhancements include modifications to weightings allotted to the underlying finances in every of the four hazard eventualities. Past overall performance is not any assure of destiny results.

The desk presents past performance which is no assure of future results and which may be decrease or better than contemporary performance. Investment returns and ETF share values will vary so that traders’ shares, when redeemed, may be really worth greater or less than their original price. ETF returns anticipate that dividends and capital profits distributions had been reinvested in the Fund at NAV.

The “Net Asset Value” (NAV) of a VanEck Vectors Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is determined at the near of each enterprise day, and represents the choices dollar fee of one percentage of the choices fund; it is calculated with the aid of taking the full belongings of the choices fund, subtracting general liabilities, and dividing with the aid of the total quantity of stocks exquisite. The NAV isn’t always the same as the choices ETF ‘s intraday buying and selling cost. VanEck Vectors ETF investors ought to no longer expect to shop for or sell shares at NAV.

Daily Holdings (%) as of 08/05/21 Download All Fund Holdings »

Solid Waste/Res Recovery

Credit Quality (%) as of 07/31/21

 Average Portfolio Maturity: 18.12 Years

VanEck simplest serves professional clients in international locations in which the choices price range are registered or in which finances can be bought in accordance with local non-public placement guidelines.

†Prior to September 1, 2020, the fund turned into referred to as the VanEck Vectors Municipal Allocation ETF.

a hundred thirty-Day SEC Yield is a wellknown yield calculation evolved by means of the Securities and Exchange Commission that permits for fairer comparisons amongst funds. It is based totally on the choices maximum current 30-day duration. This yield discern reflects the hobby earned at some stage in the period after deducting the choices Fund’s costs for the period. It does no longer replicate the choices yield an investor would have received in the event that they had held the choices Fund over the past three hundred and sixty five days assuming the most latest NAV. Distributions may also vary occasionally.     The Distribution Yield is the annual yield an investor would acquire if the maximum current Fund distribution stayed the choices identical going forward. The yield represents a single distribution from the choices Fund and does not represent the overall return of the choices Fund.  The yield is calculated by way of annualizing the choices maximum recent distribution and dividing through the Fund NAV from the as-of date. The 12-Month Yield is the yield an investor could have acquired if they had held the fund over the last 365 days assuming the choices maximum current NAV. The 12-month yield is calculated by way of summing any income distributions during the last twelve months and dividing by using the sum of the choices most current NAV and any capital gain distributions made over the past 12 months. Yield data displays brief waivers of fees and/or expenses. Yields could had been reduced had these fees/prices been blanketed.

1aTaxable equivalent yields (TEY) are used by traders to compare yields on taxable and tax-exempt securities after accounting for federal earnings taxes. TEY represents the choices yield a taxable bond investment would need to earn a good way to match, after deducting federal income taxes, the choices yield to be had on a tax-exempt municipal bond funding. TEY = Tax-Free Municipal Bond Yield/(1 -Tax Rate).

2MAAX Fees & Expenses: Van Eck Associates Corporation (the choices “Adviser”) pays all costs of the choices Fund, except for the choices rate charge under the investment management settlement, obtained fund expenses and charges, interest price, supplying fees, trading prices, taxes and first rate prices. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the choices Adviser has agreed to pay the offering fees till at the least September 1, 2021.

3These figures constitute weighted averages. Yield to Worst measures the lowest of both yield-to-maturity or yield-to-name date on every feasible call date. Yield to Maturity is the choices annualized return on a bond held to maturity. Effective Duration measures a bond’s sensitivity to interest price adjustments that reflects the choices change in a bond’s price given a alternate in yield. This length degree is appropriate for bonds with embedded options.Modified Duration measures a bond’s sensitivity to hobby price adjustments that displays the alternate in a bond’s charge given a alternate in yield.Duration to Worst measures the period of a bond computed the use of the choices bond’s nearest name date or maturity, whichever comes first. This measure ignores destiny cash drift fluctuations due to embedded optionality. Spread Duration measures a bond’s fee sensitivity to a one hundred basis point change to its choice-adjusted unfold. As the price of the Treasury protection in the choice-adjusted unfold increases, the choices charge of the choice-adjusted spread also increases.Years to Maturity  is the period of time for which a financial tool stays splendid. Maturity refers to a finite term at the choices end of which the choices financial instrument will quit to exist and the important is repaid. Coupon is measured with the aid of weighting the choices coupon of every bond by its relative length inside the portfolio. Coupons are fixed chances paid on a hard and fast-earnings security on an annual basis. Averages are marketplace weighted. The Coupon and Yield to Worst do now not constitute the choices overall performance of the Fund. These data do now not do not forget costs and costs related to investments of the choices Fund.

4IIV is an abbreviation for the choices intraday indicative value of an ETF’s Shares (and is also called the Indicative Optimized Portfolio Value or IOPV), and is disseminated every 15 seconds at some point of normal trading hours. The IIV is based totally on the modern-day marketplace price of the securities and/or cash required to be deposited in trade for a Creation Unit. The IIV does now not always mirror the proper composition of the current portfolio of securities held through the Fund at a specific point in time or the choices pleasant possible valuation of the current portfolio. Therefore, the choices IIV should not be regarded as a “actual-time” update of the choices Fund’s NAV, which is computed handiest once a day. The Fund is not worried in, or accountable for, the choices calculation or dissemination of the IIV and makes no warranty as to its accuracy.

5Bloomberg Barclays Municipal Bond Index is taken into consideration consultant of the choices broad marketplace for funding grade, tax-exempt municipal bonds with a adulthood of at the least one year.

An investment inside the Fund can be difficulty to risks which consist of, fund of price range chance, excessive portfolio turnover, version and facts dangers, control, operational, legal participant attention and shortage of previous energetic marketplace risks, buying and selling problems, marketplace, fund stocks trading, premium/discount and liquidity of fund stocks and non-diversified risks. The fund can be situation to following risks as a result of making an investment in Exchange Traded Products inclusive of municipal securities, credit score, high yield securities, tax, hobby price, name, country concentration and area awareness risks. Municipal bonds can be much less liquid than taxable bonds. There is not any assure that a Funds’ profits can be exempt from federal, kingdom or local earnings taxes, and modifications in those tax fees or in opportunity minimal tax (AMT) fees or inside the tax treatment of municipal bonds might also lead them to less attractive as investments and purpose them to lose price. Capital gains, if any, are situation to capital profits tax. A portion of the dividends you acquire can be challenge to AMT.

The VanEck Vectors ETFs aren’t backed by way of, encouraged, offered or promoted by Bloomberg or Barclays and neither Bloomberg nor Barclays makes any illustration regarding the advisability of making an investment in them. The handiest relationship to the choices Adviser with admire to the VanEck Vectors ETFs is the licensing of certain logos and alternate names of Bloomberg and Barclays and the choices BLOOMBERG BARCLAYS INDICES which can be determined, composed and calculated by means of Bloomberg without regard to the choices Adviser or any investor inside the VanEck Vectors ETFs.

After-tax returns are calculated using the ancient highest character federal marginal profits tax charges and do now not reflect the impact of nation and local taxes. Actual after tax returns rely upon the investor’s tax situation and might fluctuate from the ones shown. The after-tax returns proven aren’t applicable to buyers who keep their fund shares throughtax-deferred arrangements along with 401(ok) plans or man or woman retirement.